Tina Quigley

General Manager, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC)

“We always think of Las Vegas as a world-class city, and Keolis has vast experience of operating all around the world! Southern Nevada has a lot to gain from the company’s knowledge, experience and understanding of Mass Transit systems. I also think that Keolis is pushing us to think outside the box.”

Dr. Beverly Scott

General Manager, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

“The Board selected Keolis for a myriad of reasons – their pledge to increase on-time performance and reliability; the way customer service is integrated into their company’s philosophy, and their experience worldwide and the knowledge gained through that experience.”

M.J. Maynard

Assistant General Manager, Southern Nevada Regional Transportation Commission (RTC)

“Keolis hit the ground running with a team of professionals seldom seen in our industry. Your well-thought out transition plan was executed to near perfection.”

Broward County Auditor

“Keolis saved Broward County $7.6 million over 5 years in fleet management costs…by maximizing fuel efficiency through technology, operator scheduling efficiency, and maintenance quality.”