Aline Frantzen

CEO, Keolis U.S. Bus Operations

Aline Frantzen is an experienced professional in the transportation industry, with two decades within the public transport industry, and the last ten years within Keolis. A rising star in the company, she has held a broad range of operational, financial, commercial and business development roles and is a respected leader in the international mobility and transportation space.

Most recently, Frantzen served as Managing Director of the largest tram network in the United Kingdom. During her time in Manchester, she focused on transforming the culture of the organization, putting the customer at the heart of all decisions. To date, the operation has expanded to 900 employees, 120 tramways, 2 depots, and 97 kilometers of track, becoming a flagship for Keolis. Ridership has grown to 45 million passengers annually, showcasing how an open and transparent culture, supported by positive behaviors and strong data analytics can lead to optimal system performance and enhanced passenger experience.

Before that, she took on a broad range of roles at Yarra Trams in Melbourne, the largest tram network in the world. During this period, she was key in providing financial and commercial leadership to bus, tram and ferry bids, and led the implementation of complex operational innovations, ranging from the introduction to a driverless depot to innovative planning tools.

She then made the shift to operations, where she led operational improvements, managed several large tram depots and became Director of Operations in 2013. In this role, her primary focus was driving innovation and customer-centric initiatives to support the growth of Melbourne.

She oversaw 1,500 employees, ranging from a large driving workforce to control center management, to strategic operational planning.In 2016, she became the Executive Director of Service Delivery, bringing together network strategy, network planning, tram maintenance, driver management and strategic marketing. As part of her role, she was accountable for nine tram depots, 2,000 employees, the maintenance of 500 trams and the delivery of 35,500 tram services each week. During her tenure, she led the implementation of complex operational innovations, ranging from the introduction to a tramless depot to innovative planning tools.

Flexible and able to adjust to circumstances and people, Aline is a leader who has a proven ability to identify issues, develop effective solutions, and create relationships based on mutual trust with her employees and stakeholders. It is therefore not surprising that among Keolis’ three core values, We Imagine, We Commit, and We Care, it is the latter that inspires her the most. Indeed, respect for everyone’s rights, support for youth, collaborative relationships, and gender diversity are topics she supports in the community and defends whenever possible.

Aline Frantzen graduated from Rouen Business School in her native France in 2000, with a Master’s Degree in Management and Financial Engineering. She relocated to Melbourne, Australia, to complete an MBA at La Trobe University. She is a board member of the Nottingham Tram Network and the UK Tram Association.