Safety is a top priority at Keolis and is demonstrated first in everything we do as an organization. From customer service and the passenger experience, fleet reliability and maintenance, staff training and even our ability to attract and retain the best employees, safety is vital to all aspects of our operations. Above all, we are committed to keeping our passengers, employees, clients and the general public safe at all times.

Immediately after being selected to manage the MBTA contract in Boston, Keolis Commuter Services went to work right away conducting hours of safety crisis training and drills. Keolis managers are all trained in FEMA’s National Incident Management Training System, an extensive weeks-long program that teaches how to best coordinate, respond, manage, and recover from a host of incidents. Such training allows Keolis and MBTA to work in tandem with local, state and federal officers to ensure a coordinated response in the case of an emergency on a commuter rail system. The team holds periodic drills to test the resiliency of our crisis management plan and to identify areas for improvement. Keolis’ commitment to operating the nation’s safest commuter rail systems is also enhanced by continuing internal and external audits of operating rules and practices.

In our transit operations across the nation, employees take a personal commitment to safety in a culture where “Safety is Every Employee’s #1 Responsibility.” This safety mission statement is taught to all new employees immediately upon hire and is reemphasized in every training, staff meeting, audit, and internal communication. As a result of our safety efforts, our safety record far exceeds the national average.

At Keolis, we strive for a passenger experience that is comfortable, on-time and, above all, safe.