From smart phone apps and exclusive back-seat taxi technology, to alternative fuels and green business practices, Keolis brings the very best solutions to the people and places we serve.

We are committed to providing transportation services that promote a sustainable environment. Keolis’ transit operations purchase and operate vehicles operating with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel. CNG vehicles reduce CO2 emissions by 20%-25% compared to gasoline making it the clear leader in green fuels as it provides the lowest possible emissions of any available fuel for heavy-duty bus operation. Our taxi fleet in Southern California was also recently named Orange County’s Green Business of the Year for its use of hybrid vehicles.

In addition to environmental innovation, Keolis is at the forefront of technology innovation as well. At Keolis, technology is used and developed to improve the passenger experience. This is done through the use of smart phone apps and social media, but also on a more behind-the-scenes approach with our advanced dispatch, routing and operations systems.

As technology develops and changes, so will Keolis. It is our mission to continue to provide the highest level of innovation no matter the transit operation.