Customer Service

At the core of Keolis’ customer service policy is our motto, “Thinking Like A Passenger.”

We take pride in our ability to go beyond expectations, putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes to create and provide a safe, clean, effective method of transportation. We listen to our passengers by conducting surveys, holding online discussions, and sending managers into the field for meet and greet opportunities.

In Boston, Keolis opened the very first customer service call center devoted exclusively to helping commuter rail passengers get answers to their transportation questions. Passengers in Boston can turn to Twitter for real-time answers to their concerns and can even download the MBTA Commuter Rail app for iPhone and Android, making it easier than ever to navigate the system.

Transit passengers in Las Vegas reported improved on-time performance, more informed, helpful drivers, and a safer transit experience, in just a few short months after operations transitioned to Keolis. We also aim to improve conditions for passengers in terms of accessibility to the network, understanding fare structure and improved route scheduling, conditions that led Keolis’ BlueGo shuttle in Lake Tahoe, California, to being ranked #1 out of all Vail Resort shuttle operations.