Case Study

Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, Fixed-Route Transit Services

Keolis was able to demonstrate its commitment to “Thinking Like A Passenger” soon after taking over fixed-route and express transit operations in Las Vegas.

A survey was conducted just three short months after Keolis management stepped in to manage the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) Lot B contract which includes service along the resort corridor of Las Vegas Boulevard as well as the Deuce on the Strip (Deuce) and the Strip and Downtown Express (SDX) routes. A second wave of the survey was then completed 10 months and a third wave at 15 months from Keolis’ start date, or one year from the first survey.

In all “waves,” surveys were administered on all routes during all service periods throughout the day, on all service days throughout the week, and passengers were asked the same questions each time. Having the first and third waves done exactly one year apart minimized the effect of any seasonal performance and gave the team a more accurate year over year comparison.

Results of the survey showed that customer impressions of RTC service consistently ranked higher each time the survey was administered. Among the biggest increases in Wave 3 was the overall Net Promoter Score (NPS), or the likelihood of a local passenger recommending RTC transportation to another person. In Wave 1, the overall NPS was at 29%. Wave 2 increased that percentage to 33% and Wave 3 came in at 43%, a 14% increase from the previous year. Percentages like these put RTC service above other service industry averages. For example, airlines have an average NPS of 23% while rental car agencies have an average NPS of 18%.

Customer satisfaction levels also showed a moderate increase from wave to wave. Safety, reliability and convenience responses each climbed, as did on-time performance satisfaction. Drivers’ overall performance consistently was among the highest ranked in all three waves. Fewer customers reported problems to RTC in Wave 3 than in Waves 1 and 2 as well.

The Keolis team will continue to work with the RTC to once again improve these numbers and show the Las Vegas community they are committed to “Thinking Like A Passenger.”