Rail Services

Keolis operates over 6,000 commuter trains in cities around the world each day, providing our passengers with service that is comfortable, reliable and, most importantly, safe.

With more than 3,000 miles of commuter rail and more than 1,000 train sets under our management, we are among the most experienced operators in the industry. But our commitment to improving customer satisfaction levels is where we really stand out from our competition.

Since Keolis began operating the Virginia Rail Express, a commuter rail line serving the suburbs of Washington D.C., ridership has increased, customer service scores have risen sharply and on-time performance has increased to well above 90%. In the United Kingdom, where more than a third of all rail journeys takes place on a service operated by Keolis and our partners, customer satisfaction has risen by more than 25% under our leadership.

In 2014, Keolis was awarded two of the most prestigious commuter rail contracts in the world, including:

Thameslink Southern and Great Northern: The largest rail franchise in the U.K., generating nearly $2 billion in annual revenue over seven years. The system will serve London and several major regional cities to the south (Brighton, Portsmouth), and the north (Cambridge), as well as Gatwick and Luton airports and the international hub of London St Pancras, with 273 million passenger journeys annually.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Commuter Rail: The fifth largest rail system in the US and the single largest transportation contract in the U.S., carrying more than 36 million passengers per year throughout Greater Boston. Already passengers are seeing a difference with cleaner trains and improved customer service. They like the fact we are using social media to keep them updated and have given them a free app that makes it easier for them to manage their journey.

Because getting people where they need to go safely is what we do first, but “Thinking Like A Passenger” is what we do best.