Keolis has the privilege of providing high-quality, accessible transportation services to those who do not have effective options for moving about their community.

Our customized paratransit services include:

  • ADA paratransit operations
  • Dial-a-ride operations
  • Social services and agency subscription transportation
  • Non-ADA demand response transportation
  • Flexible and deviated route transit services
  • Hospital and healthcare shuttles
  • Professional transit management services
  • Transportation call center operations


The types of paratransit service we provide varies considerably due to the level of flexibility and customization needed for paratransit solutions. At the simplest form, we provide taxi and shuttle services that run on a less defined route, stopping to pick-up or drop-off passengers on demand. We also offer fully demand-responsive transportation for door-to-door service from any origin to any destination in a defined service area.

Keolis supports paratransit programs by also providing eligibility, enrollment, customer service, call-taking, dispatch and scheduling, fare media distribution and reconciliation, as well as other specialized transportation technology needs.