Light Rail

Keolis is one of the largest and most experienced light rail operators in the world, serving 470 million passengers over 404 miles of urban rail systems, including Melbourne, Australia, where we operate one of the world’s largest streetcar networks.

Whether we’re helping to launch a new start-up project as part of a public-private partnership or taking over the operations of an existing system, we recognize that every community is distinctly different. With contracts in cities throughout the world, we are experts at identifying the specific needs of public agencies and the passengers they serve and designing tailored solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Of course, connecting different modes of transportation is critical to the overall success of any system, and no company in the world does this better than Keolis. Leveraging our global experience in multi-modal operations, we understand what it takes to ensure that light rail connects seamlessly to other modes within a public transportation network.

Keolis operates 15 light rail systems worldwide including newly built networks in Caen, Le Mans and Lyon in France, Bergen in Norway and the Gold Coast, Australia. Currently we are preparing the start of revenue operations in Angers, Brest, Tours and Dijon (France) and Waterloo in Ontario. With every project, we bring the operator’s viewpoint to the table, helping to ensure that public authorities optimize their operations financially through the lifetime of the system.