Case Study

Broward County Aviation Department, Airport Shuttle Services

Keolis has grown a successful partnership with the Broward County Aviation Department in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, by “Thinking Like A Passenger.” Keolis took over the shuttle contract for the Ft. Lauderdale airport in May 2008 and has seen both operational and customer satisfaction improvements that have continued since that time. The team attributes the success in Ft. Lauderdale to improving the fleet maintenance structure which in-turn improved vehicle readiness, both extremely important aspects when running a successful airport operation. The Keolis team brought in to manage operations at the airport also had over 600 years combined experience in transit operations.

At the time of transition, the cost to the county per passenger was $3.70. The Keolis team was able to reduce this cost by 68% to $1.17 per passenger in a short period of time and still continues to improve this cost savings. By maximizing fuel efficiency, operator scheduling and maintenance quality, the Ft. Lauderdale team also saw a savings of over $7.6 million over the original five years of the contract.

Because of these outstanding results and the outstanding partnership built by the experienced Keolis team and the Broward County Aviation department, the Keolis contract was renewed in 2014 for another five years.