TERREBONNE, July 6, 2016 – Urbis, with the collaboration of Keolis Canada, officially launches the test of an electric vehicle in the area. During the test, the electric vehicle will serve the RCM Les Moulins (Regional County Municipality of Les Moulins) for a week, from July 6 to 15, 2016, and will run randomly on Urbis’ internal routes. The vehicle will also be available at the Terrebonne terminal on July 15, 2016 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. to offer users a demo ride.

The goal is to try a technology that emits no greenhouse gases (GHG) and that supports the 2014-2021 Action Plan, aiming at the reduction of GHG of the city of Terrebonne, as well as the GHG Reduction Action Plan, and Sustainable Development Strategic Plan of the city of Mascouche. ‘’The efforts of the RCM Les Moulins to improve air quality and climate change, combined with the innovation force that is Keolis Canada, are a great example of a partnership that will enhance the region. Electric vehicles are absolutely the future of public transport, and we are proud to see this project coming to life’’, highlights Stéphane Berthe, Chairman of the Transport Committee of the RCM Les Moulins and city councillor of Terrebonne.

The RCM Les Moulins has set a goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions on its territory, in particular by promoting public transport. A priority that matches perfectly with the mission of its carrier, Keolis Canada, that is committed to implement concrete solutions to implement on the RCM territory for the next 10 years.

‘’We are happy about our partnership with the RCM Les Moulins because we share the same values regarding green transport. Our goal is to develop smarter mobility solutions, and this test is only a first step in that direction’’, mentions Patrick Gilloux, CEO of Keolis Canada.

International inspiration

On June 14 and 15, 2016, Mr. Daniel Pilon, Director General of the RCM Les Moulins and Mr. Berthe, accompanied by Mr. Gilloux and Mr. Dany Bourgault, Director of Operations at Keolis Canada, participated in a mission in France. The mission took them to the World Congress of Transport of the UTP (Public Transport Union). Elected representatives, transport operators, manufacturers, and European experts gathered to attend many debates and workshops about the current issues. This yearly congress is a window on the news and the future of public transport in Europe.

Innovation was a recurring theme, and many angles were discussed, allowing participants to enhance their knowledge and to meet different industry leaders.

The mission then continued on the sites of Keolis in Bordeaux and in Le Mans, two places that illustrate well the issues surrounding green transport. They both include compressed natural gas vehicles, as well as electric hybrid and diesel vehicles, two options considered by the RCM Les Moulins. The RCM Les Moulins representatives were been able to meet

the experts on-site, to discover the lastest innovations regarding green transport and to observe different green vehicles in order to narrow the technologies to consider for the future.

About d’Urbis

Urbis, the public transport of the RCM Les Moulins, provides bus services, collective taxis, and paratransit services under the management of the transport committee, composed of city councillors of Mascouche and Terrebonne. Urbis serves a total population of 159 086 citizens and exceeds 3.5 million trips a year. One of its main goals is to promote and contribute to sustainable mobility on the territory of the RCM Les Moulins.

About Keolis Canada

Keolis Canada, a Franco-Québec company, is specialized in passenger transportation in Québec. Expert in terms of charter, school, accessible, airport and urban transportation services, Keolis Canada offers a safe and reliable high quality service thanks to a team of over 900 experienced employees. Keolis Canada operates a fleet of 396 vehicles. Every year, Keolis Canada transports almost 1 million passengers and over 1 million packages.

Keolis Canada is part of the French firm Keolis Group, that develops customized mobility solutions adapted to the changing needs of passengers and to the requirements of the communities that it serves. A leader in urban transportation in France, Keolis is a major player in the public transportation of passengers in Europe and around the world. The Keolis Group is owned by SNCF (70%) and the Caisse de dépôt et placements du Québec (30%).

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