Technicians in the field will use glasses to transmit information back to experts at main maintenance facility with goal of improving repair times and overall fleet reliability  

BOSTON, MA – September 12, 2016 – Keolis Commuter Services announced today that it is testing the use of special virtual reality glasses in its operation of the MBTA Commuter Rail system in order to improve overall system reliability and reduce maintenance costs across the network.

Keolis is distributing the glasses, which were developed by Cambridge-based AMA XpertEye, to its teams in the field enabling them to transfer live video and other information to senior technicians located back at the main maintenance facility.

The glasses allow for both screen captures and image annotation, with the encrypted data transmitted via the Internet, allowing Keolis maintenance experts to more quickly and efficiently diagnose issues, reducing repair times on equipment that may be in remote locations and minimizing impacts on the performance of the commuter rail service.

If the trial proves successful, the company will look at distributing the glasses widely throughout its Boston operation with an eye towards taking the innovation to its operations in North America and around the world.

The trial of the virtual reality glasses is the latest in a series of recent Keolis initiatives to harness leading edge technology to benefit passengers and clients. The company recently launched PlanBookTicket, the first public transportation solution providing a fully digital journey. Earlier this year, Keolis’ customer-facing teams in Boston received 400 hand-held devices with an internal app designed by Keolis, providing the real-time status reports on the commuter rail system. This has enabled Keolis conductors to provide passengers with useful and accurate information in a timely manner, helping to improve the journey experience.

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